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Registered Clinical Counsellor & Owner

Being a “helper” has always been in my nature, which is why I pursued an education in counselling psychology and obtained a Master’s degree in it. I find a true sense of purpose in knowing I have been of service assisting others in their journey to self improvement, providing an empathetic sounding board, and non-judgemental guidance.

In addition to being a counsellor, I am also a mother to 3 beautiful children. I believe that motherhood has taught me invaluable lessons about life which inform my practice and work with clients. Through my own personal ups and downs, and parenting challenges, I have learned about patience, understanding, compassion, and perseverance to a degree which cannot be found in any textbook.

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Registered Clinical Counsellor & Owner

From early childhood I have always known I wanted to be a therapist and my career thus far has been nothing short of profound and humbling. I have a unique ability to hold a safe, non-judgemental space to help my clients find the strength, trust, and belief within themselves to live a life of true purpose and happiness. 

Beyond the therapy practice, I am also a mother of two beautiful boys, a group fitness instructor, and a life-long student in finding the most effective and holistic ways to care for the human mind, body, and spirit. Life has brought me many teachings, blessings, successes, and failures, all of which have refined the wisdom, therapeutic skill, compassion, and unparalleled care I share with my clients.

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