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Client Centered. Invested. Collaborative.

South Okanagan Counselling is a team of ethical, compassionate, and impeccably skilled therapiststhat effectively partner with clients in their journey toward optimal wellbeing.

Female Patient


South Okanagan Counselling delivers an impactful therapeutic experience to empower clients to heal and optimize.


  • Above all, South Okanagan Counselling (SOC) offers clients an impactful therapeutic experience

  • SOC hires and supports compassionate and impeccably skilled therapists; SOC has a vibrant, fun, and collaborative work culture, and Associates say it is a great place to work

  • SOC is the most trusted partner for the medical and wellness community in the South Okanagan

  • SOC has sound business practices and continually invests in its infrastructure

  • SOC is a sustainable, expanding, and accessible practice

A Supportive Hug
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