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Throughout my life’s journey, I have often found myself in the role of an empathetic
listening ear and dreamed of the opportunity to study psychotherapy and pursue it
professionally. I am so thankful that this dream has become a reality and I consider it an
honour and a privilege to walk alongside you as you navigate life’s challenges!

Aside from pursuing counselling, I have raised two amazing children whom I am
incredibly grateful for. I have also experienced the pain and struggle of navigating
through divorce. These experiences have given me new understanding, clarity, wisdom,
resilience, and strength.

As a counsellor, my goal is to provide a safe space where authenticity, empathy, and
honour are expressed. I want my clients to feel heard and understood without judgment.
I aim to collaborate with you to meet your goals and tailor psychoeducational techniques
to suit your individual needs.

Outside of Counselling, I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with friends and
family, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and taking my dog to the lake. I take every
opportunity to appreciate the rejuvenating and restorative aspects of nature and feel
blessed to call beautiful British Columbia my home.

I am currently completing my internship for a Master of Counselling degree through
Briercrest College. I am a student member in good standing with the British Columbia
Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC).

Jennifer Povoledo: About Me
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