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Specialty: Youth & Young Adults
Issues: Anxiety | Depression | Disordered Eating | Body Image | Self-Esteem | Youth & Adolescent Issues
Modalities: Somatic Therapy | CBT | Mindfulness-Based | IFS | Person-Centered

Starting counselling can be a difficult and intimidating step to take, which is why I strive to meet
my clients with compassion, authenticity, and without judgement. I believe in all my clients'
visions and strengths, and work collaboratively with them to move toward this journey.
Being an authentic counsellor is my key to therapeutic success. It helps foster the client-
counsellor relationship, allows you, as my client, to be your real self, and can bring light energy
and laughter into the space when appropriate.

Together, we will explore negative core beliefs and challenge them to improve your quality of
life. We will identity how your body stores emotional stress and trauma as physical sensations.
From here, we will work through mind-body interventions to regulate your nervous system

I truly believe that much of our inner work happens outside of the office, but I am here to guide
you through this journey, and provide you with all the resources needed to create long-term

I have training in working with clients with eating disorders, and am experienced in many
different issues including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, self-worth, and much more. My
approach is rooted within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness, parts work, and Somatic
Therapy, and is adaptive to meet your unique needs.

Maddy is available for Virtual Appointments Only

Jennifer Povoledo: About Me
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