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Sarah Kennedy is a Certified Music Therapist with a Masters in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University. Her masters focused on Advanced Clinical Practice in Music Therapy with internships in grief and bereavement support, cancer support, children with socioeconomic and behavioral challenges and adults with disabilities. She also brings her background as a physiotherapist, performer, and her own experiences with mental health challenges to her music therapy approach. Sarah has a particular interest in mental health support, including concerns such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief and loss, chronic pain, and living with terminal illness. She offers individual and group music therapy sessions online. She is also available to provide music therapy workshops.

Music has an amazing capacity to help us heal our pain. As an alternative to talk therapy, I use music to improve the emotional and psychological wellbeing of my clients. Music Therapy harnesses music, as a means for soothing and regulating emotions, expressing and exploring life experiences, redefining who we are and changing how we connect to the world. It is deeply connected to memories, culture, identity, relationship experiences and beliefs. Whether you are a seasoned musician or simply a music lover; music is the language of emotion. This is an experiential, creative approach to therapy that anyone can try.

As a musician, I discovered the capacity for music to hold, validate and catalyze emotions. I also worked for 17 years as a physiotherapist, helping individuals with progressive illness and chronic pain. I overcame my own mental health concerns including depression, grief, relationship distress and disordered eating. Music is an incredible tool for wellness.

I believe my clients have an innate ability to find a path to their own wellness. I provide a collaborative support, using music to help you create lasting, positive life changes. Whatever your struggle, I offer space for you to express, and thoughtful perspectives as you strengthen your unique (musical) self. I will gladly and warmly reply to all inquiries.

Sarah Kennedy: About Me
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