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Hello and welcome! I’m glad you’re here.


I’m Alysha Punnett, a Registered Clinical Counsellor in good standing with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. My work as a counsellor is grounded in the belief that increased self-awareness leads to meaningful change for clients. My focus in our work is to be present to you and offer perspective, skills, insights and frameworks that support your journey of greater self-awareness and the change that occurs as a result. I have a deep respect for the courage it takes to ask for help and believe strongly in the power of connecting with another human to work through what is challenging us.


The toolbox I draw from includes mindfulness skills, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, the mind-body connection (somatic therapy) and attachment therapy. My approach is holistic, meaning I value and am interested in your greater context. I have been described by others as safe, warm, insightful, funny and honest.


I have a background in environmental education, ecosystem restoration, food security and women’s health which also informs my practice. When I am not working, my favourite things include swimming in the lake, pretending I know what I’m doing in the garden and laughing with friends.

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