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Hi there! I have nine years of experience working across Canada in the social service
sector by providing services and support to those struggling with mental health challenges in
residential treatment, the community shelter system, urban hospitals and local faith communities.
Over the years, I have undergone numerous trainings and have been able to truly develop my
passion and skills for working with adults and adolescents who are experiencing challenges with
trauma impacts, anxiety, depression, general mental health, sexual and domestic violence,
neglect, substance abuse, grief/loss and spiritual challenges.

I am an ordained minister and hold an undergraduate degree from Ambrose University
(Calgary, AB). I am currently studying as a Masters student and will graduate in April, 2023
from the Master of Pastoral Studies, Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy program at Knox College
(University of Toronto). Before coming to Penticton, I was assigned as a student my first
educational practicum to the Trauma-Neuro Intensive Care Unit and in-patient trauma unit at St.
Michael's hospital downtown Toronto. I then continued my schooling as a Spiritual Care
Resident at the St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) Charlton campus, that has 600+ bed
acute care facility. My primary focus was on; Acute Mental Health, General Internal Medicine,
Alternate Level Care, Psychiatric Emergency and the Emergency Department. My work
experience and educational background inform my current practice as a student therapist.

My goals as a therapist are to encourage and co-create with the client the life
transformation they wish to see within themselves, and the world around them. I believe that
counselling is a shared process in which my role is to journey alongside each client, providing
them with the support, compassion and psycho-educational tools to find clarity in each unique
situation. Within myself, I see each therapy session as “sacred space.” Being invited into the
most vulnerable places of people’s lives deserves reverence, honour and sensitivity. Therefore, I
approach each session with a trauma-informed lens and a sensitivity to ensure a robust
therapeutic alliance and a feeling of respect are experienced.

Jennifer Povoledo: About Me
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